The DIYer’s Pellet Grill Build By Consumer Reports (Pic Heavy)

To be honest, getting a DIY smoker is much more affordable and enjoyable for any pitmasters who love DIY!

With very simple equipment that is easily found, along with our today’s tutorial, you definitely can kick off building and cooking your dish with your DIY smoker. In today’s article, we will show you a detailed guide on the DIYer’s Pellet Grill Build (Pic Heavy). Let’s get started!

The DIYer’s Pellet Grill Build (Pic Heavy)

The DIYer’s Pellet Grill Build (Pic Heavy) – Tutorial In Detail

What You Need

  • PID Controller
  • Auger
  • 13 Gauge Diffuser
  • Drip Pan
  • Iron rails
  • Steel
  • Leftover iron
  • Flat Bar
  • Rod
  • Welding tool
  • Angle Grinder
  • Grill Body (You can find it on Craigslist)
  • Used forky buck
  • Rust-Oleum Specialty High Heat Spray and VHT 550oF Engine Enamel (for painting)

Tutorial In Detail

Make A Sliding Diffuser

First, you need to cut out some brackets on the grill body so that the diffuser can securely hold on. Then, apply some 0.25” angle iron rails to the diffuser for easy move around. After stimulating the spaces needed, weld the diffuser in place. 

Next, get a rod of ⅜ feet to make the handle for the sliding and then weld it to the diffuser. You can give the diffuser’s handle a travel limit by welding a nut on it. Then, drill a hole in the grill’s body. Now you can pull the handle into the burn pot and transport the diffuser smoothly.

Make A Sliding Diffuser

Make A Drip Pan

A drip pan isn’t hard work to do. Use your angle grinder to create a 5” X 5” square hole. After that, make a sheet steel that matches the first hole’s size, and weld it with a ⅜” rod to act as a handle. Then, drill one more hole in your smoker. 

We also suggest you add to the drip pan’s bottom two tiny retaining bits. By doing that, the hatch can rest on when covering the above area of the burn pot.

Make A Grill Grates

Making a grill grates is fairly effortless. You utilize a leftover angle iron to make three grates, with flat bars, and expanded metals that can be easily found in DIY stores. 

Then, you do the fitting. If you realize that your custom grates have obstructed the temp probe area, adjust the grate’s right side slightly. Then, utilize two small pieces of angle to hold on the diffuser, thus enhancing the probe’s protection.

Making A Grill Grates

Work with Paint And Handles

The job of painting will take you only a short time. You should apply more coats when the weather’s favorable so that your finishing for the smoker will be long-lasting. 

For the body, we suggest you go for Rust-Oleum Specialty High Heat Spray. And for the lid, you can go for VHT 550oF Engine Enamel.

To make the handles for the lid, utilize the used forky buck for some antlers. To make the diffuser slider, you can use antlers and thread the 3/8″ rod, drill out and glue a nut into the broken antler’s base.

Finished handles! But, it’s also important to find a knob for the sear hatch: oven mitts, or hot pads are the good choices.

Now you have finished the DIYer’s Pellet Grill Build (Pic Heavy), it’s time for testing – grill your first dish in your DIY smoker.

Ready for the first grill

In a nutshell

As you can see, getting a DIY smoker doesn’t have to be expensive. Things you need are only left-over materials such as iron, some stationery, and some paints for the finishing, then you can complete your masterpiece in no time. 

Do you want to show off your DIY smoker? Or do you have any tips for other pitmasters? Tell us in the comments below, we’ll really appreciate that!

That’s the end of our today’s tutorial on the DIYer’s Pellet Grill Build (Pic Heavy). Hope you enjoy it! Good bye and see you in our next article!

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