Yoder vs Traeger: Who’s The King Of The Grill By Consumer Reports?

A pellet grill is a great investment for getting good grilled steaks without needing to go to a steakhouse, or even hosting a BBQ cookout with your friends and neighbors. 

With a lot of choices for grills on the market, it can be tough to pick out the best bang for your buck. Should you go for the OG of pellet grills Traeger or the heavyweight Yoder grill? Let’s find out the true master grill with Yoder vs Traeger Battle!

Pitmasters’ Battle: Yoder VS Traeger

Yoder VS Traeger Pellet Grill

With the advent of the Traeger pellet grill in 1985, the market saw a more efficient alternative to the traditional wood stove. 

Nowadays, Traeger has seen more competition than 20 years ago due to the rise of other grill models. However, Traeger hasn’t fallen out of use, still being on top of their game. 

On the other hand, Yoder is pretty much a new kid on the block, but stood out thanks to their high quality and heavy-duty nature of their grill.


Both grills are big names to the grilling enthusiasts, both domestically and internationally. With most of the grill manufactured from high-grade stainless steel, both on the casings and the grates, you can be sure they’ll last for far longer compared to other run-of-the-mill ones. 

You’ll definitely know when looking at a Traeger grill! Their design barely deviated from that of the original 45 years ago. It’s still the steel-made cylindrical shape from its first days, though much more spacious and sturdy. 

Depending on the model, you can generally fit up to 3 protein racks, meaning you can cook your meat the way you want to with ease. The “sawhorse” design style gives the grill a lot more support and durability.

A Traeger Grill in action

Yoder took another approach when it comes to building their grills. This Kansas-based company bulked up their grills and brought a real heavy vibe to them. 

With 14-gauge steel used for their main parts such as cart casings and hopper and 10-gauge grates, burn-through is not an issue with Yoder’s products. 

This puts their grills at an impressive 155 kilograms, even for their smallest model. However, the giants of Yoder weigh in at nearly 545 kilograms, so “little” is not in Yoder’s vocabulary.

Marinated Ribs on a Yoder Grill

These two brands also aim to provide you with choices, allowing you to pick the grill size that suits your house the best. Big or small, multi- or single-rack, it’s all up to you! 

Additional features

Being a far cry from the original models, the Traeger now sports multiple temperature controller systems across its model, allowing you to control your heat level more easily. 

These controllers can be accessed either directly on the grill, or via the Traeger App on your phone named WiFIRE(™). With this useful feature and your amazing Traeger grill, you can make excellent steaks with minimal effort.

Furthermore, certain Traeger models take it a step further with additional cooking modes, like Keep Warm, to prevent your steak and proteins from going cold. 

The Super Smoke is also one of our personal favorites, allowing the smoke more time to linger around and enhance the steak’s flavor. Think of all the smoked BBQs!

Versatility is the name of the game

On the other hand, Yoder definitely puts the “Master” into “Pitmaster” with its multiple bells and whistles. Similar to Traeger grills, the Yoder grills also feature a WiFi-integrated remote control system that can be accessed from its FireBoard app. 

While not as exciting as Traeger’s, it is still more than capable of helping you cook your perfect steak.

Which Is Better?

After we’ve gone through some of the main differences between Traeger grills and Yoders, one question remains: Which grill brand is better?

After reading reviews after reviews and trying out a few models, we’ve concluded that Traeger pellet grills are definitely better overall!

In general, if you have a good financial head start, and you think you’re ready for the big leagues of grilling, definitely go for Yoder grills. It’s not uncommon to see Yoder’s stuff present on Pitmaster’s big stages and the likes.

Their grills also typically boast a wider range of temperature and easier heat control as well, allowing its users to sear their protein more easily, something other pellet grills struggle with. With its high-quality material and high caliber performance, Yoder certainly delivers.

The Infamous Yoder Frontiersman Competitive Grill

That said, Yoder grills’ price tags could also prove a hindrance for aspiring home cooks and enthusiasts as well. And due to its heavy-duty nature, some will find Yoders to be too heavy and bulky for their taste.

Furthermore, Yoder grills are somewhat harder to come across online, compared to Traeger and its competitors. 

On the other hand, Traeger proves to be the OG of the block, being extremely user friendly and consistent in terms of performance. They’re easy to put together, easy to pick apart, be it for cleaning or easier transportation. While they might occasionally lack the technological integration as Yoders’, Traeger grills’ intuitive designs are super simple to pick up.

Not only that, due to its long history and internationally-recognized reputation, you can easily see Traeger models for sale online and offline everywhere. This, coupled with the fact that their price tags are relatively forgiving, means Traeger grills are a better investment. 


Phew! Was that not quite a read? Why not reward yourself with a BBQ platter and some cold beer? Now that you’ve had a good grasp of who’s the winner in Yoder VS Traeger pellet grill, it’s not hard to pick out the best bang for your buck. Always remember to lightly season your steaks before, during and after grilling for the best flavor. Good luck on all your future cookouts!

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